is an RYT 500 registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. He has been doing yoga practice for over seventeen years, and teaching Hatha for seven. His experience ranges from private studio classes, to parks department, to small franchise, large corporate gyms, and the Veteran's Yoga Project.

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JR Johnon

As a yoga practitioner, JR was blessed with an excellent first teacher, who's lineage and inclination was Pattabhi Jois, David Swenson and the Ashtanga form of Hatha yoga. He progressed naturally from a desire for purely physical improvement (more waves per surf session), to an understanding of the more profound improvements regular yoga practice could make upon his entire life; better sleep, inner peace and greater acceptance of life as it comes, (Santosa).

As a teacher, JR's intent has been to provide an authentic and effective yoga practice for newcomers and regular practitioners, in the same way that he received such practice from his first instructor.

The class is Hatha flow, with emphasis on Breath and Bandhas, structured upon Patanjali's eight limbed path.

The intent is that each new student will experience some level of Samadhi, "Union" or "Ecstasy" (the eigth limb, and goal of practice) from their first class, and be encouraged to continue, eventually finding their way to the long term benefits of repeated ongoing practice.

JR Johnon

It's about breath and "Unity" without concern for the "triple P", (perfect pretty postures). Postures should be as well aligned and correct as possible, but they are a means to an end, rather than an end in themeselves.

Foremost in class intent, is integration of mind and body. Yoga practice is not just exercise and stretching. It is a combined effort of mind and body, creating a union.

Students are encouraged to put as much effort into their mental practice as they do into the physical. Mental control and visualization cues are included in class to help with that effort.

Also of importance is the practice of the first "Yama", "Ahimsa": non violence. Students are encouraged to modify or skip poses that cause pain, and to let go of held poses when their body has had enough, understanding that the benefits of their practice will be found at their own edge of ability, not beyond it.